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Gupi - a robot guinea pig

Posted on 06.12.2005 at 01:00

A 'carrot' acts as a charger... brilliant. But fuck it's expensive.

Posted on 04.12.2005 at 00:18
Just rediscovered Rest Assured 'Treat Infamy' >>Alternative 7" Mix<< It's got the added vocals of Shelley Nelson (best known for singing on Tin Tin Out 'Here's Where the Story Ends'). This version should have been released instead of the main mix. It's more mellow and actually better for it.

Posted on 27.11.2005 at 22:59
Current Mood: annoyed
We recently got a DVD recorder and VCR combined, with the facility to record video to DVD (and vice versa).
I put in a tape today and it seems to have buggered the VCR. There's sound but a load of snow. It's really annoyed me cos I'll get blamed for breaking it. But it's not my fault. Stupid videos... I hate them!

Posted on 17.11.2005 at 21:35
Current Music: Way Out West - Way Out West
24th birthday

What I got: Way Out West's self-titled debut, Leftfield 'Leftism', Does Anything Eat Wasps? book, £150, chocolate and Paper Mario game.

What I did: Went bowling with Jayne, Lee, Kim and Glenn. Glenn twagged off work - phoned in sick! Lee got me a vodka and orange squash... it was vile. Why orange squash?
I played so badly and lost. We didn't get to finish the second game cos our hour was up, but I was playing like a spaz anyway so I didn't care.
Kim is pregnant too and when we were at Jayne's, she and J talked about their fiancés and pregnancy, while I just listened... then stopped listening cos it was getting boring. Then went to O'Neils in Cleethorpes and The Countryman. Then home and had a buffet dinner with mum and Ed. Watched the Take That documentary and then played Paper Mario - it came out a year ago but I couldn't have the game I wanted (The Movies) as it's still in development for consoles.

Posted on 16.11.2005 at 00:13
8 years ago today...
Diary entryCollapse )

Posted on 12.11.2005 at 22:40
Check this video out - tis very funny:

Does Anything Eat Wasps? (yes)

Posted on 12.11.2005 at 00:36
Current Music: Thee Maddkatt Courtship - Jetsetta
Hey, my mum indexed this book. I'll ask her if she'd think I'd like it for my birthday.

Police give kid speed

Posted on 11.11.2005 at 23:34
Current Music: Paul van Dyk - Forbidden Fruit
Saw this on the local news:
How the hell did the drugs get in the kid's schoolbag? It's like they planted them on her and it was a test! On TV, someone from Lincolnshire Police said that the fact the girl identified them and then told her dad meant the drugs awareness session worked. Hm, that's one way of looking at it, BUT YOU STILL FUCKED UP!!

Ooohh... ahhhhh!

Posted on 05.11.2005 at 22:44
Went with Ed to a fireworks display at Waltham Windmill tonight. I wanted to take pictures but the (digital) camera had a system error. Would have taken my trusty APS along but it had no film in it.

The fireworks started at 7pm and finished 20 minutes later. Some guy brought a baby and had to leave halfway through cos it was 'petrified'. Well, yeah, it would be. It's like bringing your dog along... twat. There was a steady stream of people leaving throughout, dunno why. It wasn't that bad! I thought it was a good display. Shame about the camera.

The Day Today, Part II

Posted on 01.11.2005 at 12:07

Highlights the silliness of TV news (see Sky News).

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